I'm Brandi!


I am a momma of two little girls and my longing to be more present with them is the driving force behind what I do. As a mom, I also know that most of us can find any reason to avoid the camera. But we get a short amount of time with our babies nestled safely in our arms. So I am a big believer in savoring as much as my brain can hold.

I was born and raised in Oklahoma so I am rooted in all things natural and simple.

I can seem super social but deep down I am a true introvert, who loves sugar. at the moment. I am trying to find a balance so in 2023 I will be in the streets a little more just to gain some sanity lol!

I mostly use the right side of my brain which means I am guided by emotions and experiences. Everything I am is here laid out for you. I am transparent and super honest and that has brought me to a time in my life where I truly cherish people who vibe with everything I bring to the table.

Life is complicated. And beautiful. And heartbreaking. And so many other things.

But it's short. Say Yes to the quiet moments. To chaos. And to the mess.